Sales Team

A WHO-GMP certified company, Quest caters its highly efficacious drugs through trained marketing professionals all over Nepal. Quest’s Marketing Department hires mostly science graduates who understand the medical products in-depth, making them confident to communicate prospective details of the product to medical practitioners.

Newly hired personnel are placed in rigorous in-house training program (3-months of theoretical training along with field training). During theoretical training program, they are given thorough training about products and its marketing strategies by the in-house medical planning department in order to make those trained confident and independent.

Ethics being a focal to Quest, it takes the needs of the market and medical practitioners into account consequently placing the products to differentiate it from rest of the market. Furthermore, the company believes placing right product in right place results in high productivity and growth. To ensure this growth, the company’s portfolio must grow in a suitable proportionate. Quest is innovative and also the first mover in the market that assures to build brand and its equity.

Moreover, Quest is also focused to penetrate the huge unexploited market of Nepal to maintain robustness of its old brand. The marketing division in co-ordination with product department conducts routine market survey to understand the market and its need. This ensures that the right products are developed to optimize resources in developing new products.

With professional organizational structure, Quest encourages swift and accurate communication & feedback process which guarantees total quality management. The highly motivated marketing personnel is one of the ultimate driving force for the company company’s growth. In essence, this department provides a huge learning opportunity. With its ethical marketing practices, Quest aims to provide much appreciated services and eventually become one of the most respected and admired pharmaceutical company in Nepal.