At Quest, Production has facilities for manufacturing tablets, capsules and ointments. It is equipped with adequate equipment designed to comply with the GMP norms. Central HVAC is installed with appropriate filtration system to maintain the controlled cleanroom conditions in the production area. Additional care is taken to prevent cross-contamination in the production area. The department is headed by an experienced pharmacist and supervised by two other qualified and trained pharmacists.

Environment pollution and Operator safety is given due attention in all aspects of production. Most of the tablets formulations are prepared by wet granulation method and environment friendly aqueous based formulations are used for most of the time. Film-coating solutions for tablets are also aqueous-based.

As a prerequisite and to sustain sanitation, the production facility is divided into various black (visually clean) and grey (clean) areas. Personnel are required to go through a change room before entering grey area from black area and various materials are allowed only through airlock. The manufacturing procedures are carried out in grey area while raw materials, finished goods and storage are kept in black area. Appropriate conditions are maintained inside manufacturing facility like pressure difference between corridors and production rooms, temperature and humidity maintenance as per product requirement. Air supply to the facility is carried via HVAC system and Reverse Osmosis (RO) water is used for the manufacturing.

All these procedures are in compliance with WHO-GMP and performed with highest standard and economical cost.

The final product includes anti-hypertensive, anti-diabetics, lipid regulators, analgesic anti-pyretic, anti-bacterial, anti-cold, etc. in tablet range and fusidic acid cream, ketoconazole cream, steroid in combination with antibiotics, anti-fungal in ointment range.