Life at Quest?

At Quest, we share information within our organization and this has helped us develop a prosperous environment. We involve the ideas and suggestion of all our team members.

People have a basic human need to feel appreciated, and our recognition programme helps meet that need. Recognition and rewards, both expected and unexpected and employee benefits are the key to employee retention. Employee motivation through recognition is positive reinforcement. We also provide our employees help on personal problems.

For many people, learning new skills is just as important as the money they make. We believe that it is our responsibility to bring in developmental programs that play a role in upgrading the knowledge and skills of our employee. Every employee seeks career development and greater challenges and we provide them with both. This we feel has developed a sense of loyalty in our employees towards our organization. By investing in developmental programs and trainings for our employees, we know that we are investing in the prosperous future of our organization.

We do have self-appraisal system, appraisal by seniors and healthy competition that brings out the best of our employee at any situation, even at the face of adversity.Gathering at times of festivals, important days, when something good that calls for a celebration, have definitely instilled a feeling of belongingness towards the company.

Provision for extra rewards for extra work, promotion, career growth and employee empowermentis what quest focuses to build strong employee-organization relationship. We make them feel that their hard work and dedication is treasured not just through praise, but through monetary reward as well.

We understand the needs and expectations of our employee just as our employee understand our needs and expectation and the ways in which they can contribute to the development and prosperity of our organization.