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Dfer to cure Vitamin-D deficiency

Dfer to cure Vitamin-D deficiency

Kathmandu, October 31, 2017: 

Quest Pharmaceuticals has launched a new drug named ‘Dfer’ to relieve patients suffering from Vitamin-D deficiency.
A silent ailment, Vitamin-D deficiency is known to be widely prevalent in seemingly healthy populations in developed as well as developing countries.

Vitamin-D is a critical micronutrient that aids absorption of calcium, magnesium, phosphates among others in the body, affecting general well-being of patients. Severe deficiencies cause major bone-related illnesses including osteoporosis and rickets.

Generically called ‘Cholecalciferol 60000 IU’, Dfer reduces these risks by aiding formulation of Vitamin-D within the human body. Available in soft gelatin capsule form, Dfer also helps control blood sugar levels and pressure.

“Sedentary and indoor lifestyles are increasingly causing deficiency of Vitamin-D among Nepali population. We encourage people to be out in the sun, which is necessary for the human body to create this essential component for a healthy life,” said S.P.Verma, Director Marketing, Quest Pharmaceuticals P. Ltd. “Dfer is an effective cure, but there’s nothing better than prevention.”

Dfer is available as a prescription drug in all major pharmaceutical vendors across the country.